Bring your crowd a new world through tabletop gaming.

We're searching for those who might join us on our quest

with  an  addiction 
to  improvisation

a passion for interactivity
that want to go beyond sight and sound.
We're exploring this world, your world,
...and beyond?
and there's still
so much to do.
If you're up for new adventures

then we'd like to
work with you.

Recent projects and experiments

Ready-to-Stream TTRPGs-as-a-Service

Stand out from the crowd with an unforgettable gaming experience.

Looking to expand your online content offerings with something new and exciting? Evil Gazebo's TTRPG-as-a-service is the perfect solution for internet personalities and content creators looking to engage their audience in a unique and innovative way.

Our all-inclusive service provides everything you need to record and live stream your group playing tabletop RPGs, including top-of-the-line cameras, lighting, and professional game mastering. Whether you're playing D&D, Pathfinder, or any other TTRPG, our team will work with you to create a captivating and entertaining experience for your online audience. With our service, you can focus on having fun with your crew of gaming buddies while we handle the technical details.

Reach out to us today to take your online content to the next level!

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Master of Games!

Crafting immersive stories with tabletop RPGs.

Our co-founder Sarah Katanning is a master storyteller and game designer with over a decade of experience crafting immersive TTRPG adventures and transporting players to fantastical worlds.

Taylor Thomson's Showreel

The demo reel of one of Evil Gazebo's co-founders

Check out co-founder Taylor Thomson's latest work and see his storytelling vision in action.

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Untitled TTRPG Live-Play Show

Early Pre-Production

Details to come. Contact us if you are interested on working with us on this.